Fearless Dream Life Program.

Everything you need to start fearlessly living the life you have always imagined

Let’s talk about you

You’re a highly ambitious person with TONS of potential, but you’re feeling stuck on the wrong path. 

You’ve got big dreams, but you’re struggling on how to get there.

You’re ready to leave life as you know it behind and start creating the life that you absolutely know that you deserve!

Well I have got you!

4 Years ago, I didn’t know that I could feel the way I do now.


Does this resonate with you?

You’re feeling stuck and unsatisfied with what you’re doing right now

You’re constantly doing things, but you never seem to get anything done.

You have huge ambitions, but you’re just not getting there. 

You see other people doing things that you want to do, and you’re stumped at how they got there!

You feel like your current path is holding you back

You’re dedicating too much time to things that don’t bring you joy.

Tired of repeating the same annoying day where you don’t get any further towards your goals. 

Let’s imagine where you could be in a few months with the right plan (and the right mindset!)

You could be living life on your own terms (doing what you want when you want)

Having the feeling like anything is possible and that each day is an opportunity to get closer to what you want.

You could be feeling like 

Let’s do an exercise

Think about the goals you have right now (and the goals you’ve been wanting to achieve, but you’ve never quite been able to stick it out and have those things come to life)
What would it feel like if you finally decided to learn a new skill? Or if you finally decided to start your own business?
What if you finally made the leap to getting a design space set up?
Or if you were able to stick to that workout program and finally feel those results?
Or what would it look like if you just dedicated yourself to streamlining your life so that you had the space to do fun things everyday?Or what if you finally asked for that raise and got an extra $1000/month (like I did!)? What would be available to you then?


It would feel pretty good wouldn’t it?

And even better, imagine having that feeling RIGHT NOW. 

“The belief of an end wills the means to that end”

Here’s a secret: If you can start feeling the way you want to feel every day, you’ll have no choice but to make the decisions and even subconsciously take the steps that are going to get you to that end goal. That’s a HUGE part of my program! (But more on that later!) 

Did you know?

You actually have all of the potential you need to start living the life you want already inside of you.

Source: I know it , you know it, and the universe knows it. This is just a fact. 

Let’s start acting on that.

Hey! I’m Sagesse!

Just 2.5 years ago, I was beyond unfulfilled.

I was 2 years out of my chemical engineering degree, I was so stressed at my “promising” corporate job, I was so shy at work that I could barely even talk to people, I was in a relationship that seemed perfect (but was really absolutely holding me back and hurting my soul), and I couldn’t understand why I hated my life when I had so much potential. 

It was then that I realized that even though I was making all of the moves in life that I thought I “should” make, I was still so far from being happy.

I was on a career path that I thought I should be in. And I was giving it every ounce of my energy. (hello, your career should only be a small part of your life!)

My shyness and anxiety were holding me back from so many possibilities and friendships.  

I was forcing myself to be in a relationship that I thought I should be in, but I wasn’t listening to that voice in my head telling me it wasn’t right.

I was so ready to start fresh (and I’m so glad I did!)

Let’s fast forward!

In this course, I will teach you both the mindset and practical skills that, in the past 3 years, have allowed me to:

  • quit my full-time job that was stressing me out
  • travelled to at least 15 of my dream travel locations
  • moved across the country on a whim!
  • became a freelancer where I make twice the money with half the work as my old job
  • started my dream business 
  • overcame my shyness and made friendships all over the world
  • I’ve had some of the wildest experiences (that I always dreamed of having)
  • I fell in love with someone who lifts me up and matches my adventurous energy (unlike other relationships that just dragged me down!)
  • manifested my dream apartment and my dream workspace (and the financial commitment has pushed me to reach new levels in my income, like a $20,000 raise!)


I continue to take big leaps towards my goals!

And I want to share the mindset, framework, and habits that I used to get me there!

That’s where my Fearless Dream Life Coaching Program comes in!

This program integrates the following principles which I believe work together to create radical personal transformation!

Pillar 1

Self-Discovery and Permission

  • Find out what matters most to you and that sets your soul on fire!
  • Give yourself permission to go after your dreams!
  • Continue to be there for yourself and allow yourself to ask the world for what you want!

Pillar 2

Mindset Retraining

  • It takes time to believe in yourself and develop habits to back up your goals
  • Mindset retraining can and will help you to start living more confidently and with more impact!

Pillar 3

Mindful Super-Skills

  • Learn the simple, but highly effective skills that will help you reach your goals with ease!
  • Once you go through self-discovery and mindset retraining, this will be a breeze!


As an engineering grad, former business analyst, and current business owner – I know a thing or two about productivity and getting things done! (Pillar 3)

As someone who gave up on the promising career in the first two, I know a thing or two about following your heart! (Pillar 1)

PLUS as someone who got over some MAJOR fears, I know a thing or two about the power of retraining your mind! (Pillar 2)

This is really the whole package! 

This course will integrate the three pillars above into 12 modules over 12 weeks, which will be divided into two 6-week chapters.

 Part 1 – Mindset, discovery, confidence – Weeks 1-6

In Part one of this 12-week course, we’ll be covering the essential mindset work that needs to be done to reach your goals. 

We’ll be covering topics like goal discovery, mindset work, confidence, pushing the limits of the comfort zone, simplifying, tackling perfectionism, and taking mindful actions towards your goals. We’re going to banish your limiting beliefs and have you believing fiercely in yourself! And trust me, this isn’t going to be filled with fluff – this is going to contain practical steps that will bring you exactly where you need to be with your goals!

Part 2 – Action and Accountability – Weeks 7-12

In part two, the second 4 weeks, we’ll cover how to create the habits and routines to get you there. This will be your productivity and action bootcamp. You’re going to get rid of all the crap you don’t need and make space for the things that matter. I’ll be going into specifics to create a streamlined system in your life so that your action steps are so streamlined that doing them will feel effortless! (even the things you hate doing – we’ll find a way to make them work!)

PLUS – the hands-on, group nature of the program will give you the accountability to really start taking action and nurture the mindset that won’t let anything stand in your way. 

I want to help you re-wire the fear-based holdbacks you have (like perfectionism and procrastination) and help you reach the success you were meant for!

If you want to get more of a taste for what this program is all about, you can sign up to watch my mindset video here.

If you’re already feeling it, you can sign up for the program just below!

Are you ready for clarity, purpose, and accelerated results??

 Now let’s take a deeper look at each week of the course (subject to change, but this will be the general idea).

Part 1: Mindset work, self-discovery, confidence

Before we start:

Goal Discovery Video Lesson 1: Why Everything You Know About Setting Goals is Wrong
 +Homework sheets to discover goals

Week 1:

Goal Discovery Pt. 1

  • Everyone gets a chance to share goals with the group (this is powerful with a group because we can all use the energy and inspirations from others)
  • This is where you will start your accountability journey with my signature spreadsheet system

Week 2:

Goal Discovery: Group Coaching Work Session

  • Search your soul to discover those secret ambitions that might have been hiding in a corner of your mind that you were too afraid to access.
  • Multiple activities to understand and prioritize goals

Week 3

Private Coaching Session

  • This is the time for 1:1 questions, and coaching. This will help shape the rest of the course and help it to be as personalized and helpful as possible for you

Week 4:

Limiting Belief and Fear Work: Video Lesson + Group Work

  • This is the time to really take a look at what’s holding you back. We’re going to deep dive into your mind and start re-training your unhelpful belief systems.

Week 5:

Self-Advocation + Boundaries (with yourself and others. YES you need boundaries with yourself too!!): Video Lesson + Group Work

  • This is the time to evaluate and think about the ways in which you and others might be holding you back
  • Together we’ll make a plan to set healthy expectations and boundaries with yourself and others 

Week 6:

Comfort zone + Building Confidence + Action: Video Lesson + Group Coaching Session

  • In this week, we’ll figure out action steps that will start breaking you free from the box you’ve put yourself in (i.e. your comfort zone)

This section is about finding out what scares you and doing it anyway! All of the best goals and experiences come from stepping outside your comfort zone! (see pic above of me doing the same!)

Part 2: Intuitive Productivity, Habits, and Routine: Creating the PERFECT Routine for your life

Getting it done: action, specifics, and a kick ass plan!

Week 7:

Demystifying productivity and success: Video Lesson + Q&A

  • Find your personal type of productivity and pre-plan your ideal routine and lifestyle (you don’t have to do it all right away, this is the time for creating a general structure). 

Week 8:

Perfectionism & Procrastination & Intuitive Productivity: Video Lesson + Q&A

Week 9:

1:1 Coaching Session

In this session, we will go over your specific needs, which will shape the lessons and actions for the rest of the course!

Week 10:

Computer + Home Organization + Workflow: Create your ultimate system: Video Lesson + Group Session

Week 11:

Habits, health, daily routine: Video Lesson + Group Session

Week 12:

Implementation: Group Working Session

Video Lessons and Group Coaching Sessions will be 90 mins – 2 hours and will be held Tuesdays at 6:00 pm EST. If you cannot make it, you will have access to replays and can ask questions via email/Voxer voice chat. Please message me at sagesse@mindaya.com if you are interested, but this time does not work for you!

Bonus #1: Evernote Productivity

This course contains all of the most helpful tips I have for streamlining your life with Evernote. This program is extremely useful for anyone who has to keep track of ideas/writing/research or other content and has a hard time keeping track of these things!

Bonus #2: 100s of Worksheets!

Get my Meal Planner, Printable Calendars, and my Printable Dream Life Goal Planner and more!

I want to help you find and bring out the person that you were always meant to be!

So let’s break down what you’ll get in this program.

  • 5 Video Modules – Value of $500
  • 5 Group Coaching Sessions – Value of $500
  • 2 Private Coaching Sessions – Value of $400
  • Weekly Workbooks + lifetime updates – Value of $1000
  • Access to my entire productivity system – Value of $1000
  • Voxer Chat Support 2 days/week for 12 weeks – Value of $1200
  • Lifetime video content updates – Value of $2000

That’s $5000+ worth of time and information in this program

And you’ll get it all for $888 CAD!

This is the only time this course will be available at this price! After the initial round it will be going up! You can also do the payments in instalments, no need to put up the entire investment up front!

Pay In Full (Save $88)
2 Payments, Monthly ($444/payment)
4 Payments, Bi-weekly ($244/payment)

Not ready to take the plunge yet? You can book a 30 min discovery call to see if we’re a good fit!

Only need one part of the Program?

Sign up for just Part 1 or Part 2!

Part 1

Goal Discovery and Identity

Join the 6 weeks to identify your wildest desires and advocate for what you truly want

  • A mix of 5 video modules/group sessions
  • 60 min 1:1 session
  • Weekly q&a videos (as needed)
  • 2 days/week voice chat support for 6 weeks

Begins April 12th, 2022


Part 2

Intuitive Productivity

Join the 6 weeks to re-train the way you understand success and productivity

  • 5 video modules/group sessions
  • 60 min 1:1 session
  • Weekly q&a videos (as needed)
  • 2 days/week voice chat support for 6 weeks

Begins May 24th



What will I need to take this course?

You will need to have a facebook account. Ideally a laptop or computer to do the worksheets, but you could do this from a phone as well.

If you don’t want to sign up for a facebook account if you don’t have one, we can make something work, but since most people have facebook – this will be a safe bet!

What will the voxer personal support look like?

On Tuesdays and Thursdays – I will spend some time answering any questions that are in our group Voxer chat. I will give a minimum of 1 reply on each of those days, and we want to keep questions short and to the point. You can also ask me questions outside of the group chat if you would like your question to remain private.

What will the Q&As look like?

In the Facebook group, you can post your questions (or you can privately message them to me) and once a week, I will do a video answering all of the relevant questions to that week’s topic. If your questions don’t fit with the week’s theme, I will simply reply to the questions in the group or privately if you would like.