Welcome To Mindaya!

Welcome To Mindaya!

Hey everybody! Welcome to Mindaya! My name is Sagesse and I will be writing you some awesome content about finding your passions, facing your fears and anxieties, and living a generally awesome life!

But first thing’s first… “What kinda name is ‘Sagesse’ and how the heck do you pronounce it?!”

Well, in short, Sagesse is the French word for wisdom and my mom chose it because she was a total hippie at the time (and still kinda is)!  It also is pronounced kind of like “Sage Ess”. And if you want to be fancier, it can be pronounced in a French accent.

So, to put my hippie name to good use, I’m going to spread some words of wisdom to you guys! Well, at least my idea of wisdom.

Now I’ll give you a bit of backstory as to why I think I have some wisdom worth sharing. And it’s not because I think I know better or that I’ve been through so much more than others.

It’s more because I think that I have a fairly relatable story and I have found some tricks in life to become happier.

First I’ll share the person I am now: Right now, I am an extremely happy person. I have a great group of close friends, I play music daily (one of my favourite things to do), I sew and make jewelry, and I quit my job 4 months ago to travel the world and start a blog!

Basically, this is my ideal life. Simple, but full of things that I love and free of things that I don’t love.

So what I want to share on this blog, is how to start working towards a life that is exciting, full of passion, and that helps you reach your goals.

I also want to share how to get rid of the crap in your life that is preventing you from getting there. That kind of stuff includes

  • fears
  • limiting beliefs
  • actually junk that you’re holding on to
  • the idea that your life needs to be a certain way
  • the idea that you need more than you have right now to be happy.

So here’s a bit of background as to how I came to this realization.

Before university, I was a happy hippie kid. I was kind of shy and going through some shit, but I knew who I was and kind of the life I wanted (full of travel, helping people, and doing stuff that I loved).

I really wanted to help people and the environment, so I decided to go to school for chemical engineering. I could help the environment (you can become an environmental engineering later), contribute to the world, and make a hefty paycheck! Pretty cool, right?!! WRONG.

I really hated it. The whole culture was money driven and obsessed with nothing but working or doing things to make oneself “hireable”.  And the environmental aspect and the idea of helping humanity was basically non existent.

**Also, no disrespect to the people there, they were still good people, but they had completely different values than I did.

Since this was all that I was surrounded by, I quickly fell into this lifestyle and really lost sight of who I was.

I found I wasn’t doing anything I loved anymore and all I was focusing on was school and trying to do anything that I thought would look good on a resume.

It was not a healthy mindset.

And during that time, I also developed some pretty intense obsessive compulsive tendencies and I turned into a very fearful person. This was due to a mixture of genetics (I had OCD as a kid too, but thought I grew out of it), a very stressful lifestyle, not eating properly, and the stress of not being true to who I was.

After that, I graduated and starting looking for a job. This wasn’t great either because I realized that I really didn’t want to work as an engineer, I just didn’t love it.

Then I got a corporate job in the pharmaceutical industry. It was not a bad job. I actually liked it and learned a lot. I also made and saved quite a bit of money, but I still found myself unhappy, unfulfilled, and still experiencing a lot of anxiety.

During those couple years after finishing school, I did a lot of self work. A LOT. Probably too much.

But it led me to know myself so well that I knew that I had to quit my job, travel, and start this blog.

Was it risky? Yes Was I guaranteed to make money? No

But would my life be way more exciting and filled with the things I actually enjoyed? Hell Yeah!!

So I quit my job, started travelling, and put myself through a lot of really crazy experiences. In the end, I managed to overcome a lot of fears that I had before, started to things I loved, and I FINALLY felt like myself again.

Now, I have so much optimism and so little fear and it is seriously a great mindset! And now that is what I want to share with you.

During those 6 years (from university until now), I have learned so much about the importance of following your heart and your passions.

I have also learned so much about fears and how to understand and face them.

So if you feel stuck in your life, or inhibited in some way from going out and doing what you love, then this blog is for you! It will also suit anyone who is pretty happy, but wants to enhance their life that little bit more and make it extra exciting!

Here is a more comprehensive list of things that you will find on this blog:

  • Personal development
  • Self Care
  • Facing fears
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Increasing productivity
  • Finding motivation
  • Journaling (for gratitude, for fear, for self reflection)
  • Lots of self reflection and introspection
  • Helping others

You’ll also find some more exciting things, like:

  • Following your passions
  • Living a creative life
  • Adding excitement to your life
  • Finding you passions!
  • Living your best life
  • Travel

And I’ll also be adding in some deeper, thought provoking topics

  • Love and how it will change the world (from the hippie in me)
  • Contemplating the meaning of life
  • Is there more to life? (I may sprinkle some hints of spirituality here and there, but more from a curiosity standpoint, with as little bias as possible)

And the main thing is.. That happiness starts in the mind.

Everything in your life is up to you. So if you take care of your mind (with all the stuff above), you will take care of your life. It can actually be pretty damn simple!

I’m super excited to help people with their journeys and continue on my own (and then share what I learn from here on out!).

I also can’t wait to connect with like-minded people. If anything that I say resonates with you, then please send me a message! I would love to hear any feedback or just talk about life and good ideas!

Anyway, please stay tuned for some awesome information!