My Story

Hey there! I’m Sagesse!

I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur, engineering graduate, certified life coach, and founder of Mindaya Inc.! My ultimate life goals include mastering every instrument, writing and starring in my own comedy show, having my own fashion line, traveling all over the world, contributing to solving the wealth gap, and building my coaching company in a way where I can give the absolute most helpful information and transformative experience to my audience and clients.

I want to help people like me who have so many passions find their confidence, realize the possibilities out there, and learn how to take action to build a life that they love based on radically knowing who they are and aligning this life with their core values.

When I was younger, my life was so out of alignment. I had graduated with a chemical engineering degree that cost me a lot of my mental health and then I was on a career path that was continuing to hurt my mind and crush my soul. I was doing all of this because one, I just went down this path without really considering what I wanted from life, and two, I thought I had to to make money. I was living my life based on the “shoulds”.

On top of that, I was unbelievably self-conscious and was missing out on tons of life opportunities because I didn’t know how to talk to people and I felt that I wasn’t good enough. 

This caused severe anxiety for me and some bouts of depression. I knew there had to be more to life than feeling overworked, under-appreciated, and stuck.

When I finally decided that life could be anything I wanted it to be and started aligning to my true desires, everything started to shift. 

I quit the job that was causing me so my stress, I started putting myself out there, I stopped giving my energy to people who didn’t serve me, I travelled, I had incredible adventures, I made friends and beautiful connections all over the world, and my mind finally felt clear which led to so many of my anxieties going away. I started trusting that I could make money on my own terms and when I needed it (which is what started to happen) and I started trusting the journey – the ups and downs that make life interesting and that grow you as a person.

And that’s when I decided I wanted to help other people to realize that type of life is possible too and that the real journey starts within. 

Philosophies and Teaching Pillars

As you explore Mindaya and what we have to offer, you’ll find information, products, courses, and coaching that includes many of the following principles: 

  • If you want to see your life unfold in the most beautiful ways, it all starts with your mindset
  • You can do anything with the right mindset, it just takes small acts of re-programming your thought patterns and a strong will to do so
  • Self-compassion is where it all starts: if your growth is slower than you would like, it’s ok! We all have different experiences, beliefs, and even traumas that can hold us back and it’s very important to be patient with yourself.
  • The appreciation of small steps: big change does not happen overnight. But, with gradual habit and mindset shifts, you may notice bigger changes!
  • When it comes to goals, we believe in creating a new paradigm. Less “hustle” and more intuition and mindfulness
  • Life is not meant to be perfect all the time and neither are you. 
  • Difficulties are inevitable, it’s how you move forward that counts – whether it’s building discipline, pushing through breaking bad habits, learning from difficult situations, or giving yourself the compassion and time you need to heal from them
  • While coaching is focused on growth and moving forward, there’s never any pressure to do so. Which means that if you are stuck – you may need to take a different approach, which could include therapy, counselling, etc. 

Pillar 1

Self-Discovery and Permission

  • Find out what matters most to you and that sets your soul on fire!
  • Give yourself permission to go after your dreams!
  • Continue to be there for yourself and allow yourself to ask the world for what you want!

Pillar 2

Mindset Retraining

  • It takes time to believe in yourself and develop habits to back up your goals
  • Mindset retraining can and will help you to start living more confidently and with more impact!

Pillar 3

Mindful Super-Skills

  • Learn the simple, but highly effective skills that will help you reach your goals with ease!
  • Once you go through self-discovery and mindset retraining, this will be a breeze!

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