Contrary to what many people believe, your mental health doesn’t just mean your ‘psychological’ health – it goes a whole lot deeper than that!

In reality, your mental health is made up of three different elements: 

1. Mental health

2. Emotional health

3. Physical health

You can think of them as the three musketeers of your mental health, because each of them plays an incredibly important role in combating anxiety and defending your wellbeing

And when it comes to the three musketeers, remember: all for one and one for all. That is, you can’t have one without the othersYou need to make sure that all three of these elements are working together to keep you feeling the VERY best you can be.

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Mental health

Your mental health is made up of one important thing: your thoughts.

In order to have a healthy mind, you must have healthy thoughts. Or at least a healthy perspective on those thoughts.

What I mean by this is: you are not always going to have pure, happy, fearless thoughtsYou will sometimes have bad, stressful, even scary thoughts. This is a completely normal part of being human. But remember:

They. Are. Just. Thoughts.

Thoughts are not always true, and they certainly don’t define who you are. In fact, a thought has no power on its own unless you give it power. It doesn’t become real unless you make it real.

The power lies within you. You have the power to either:

1. Listen to the thought (and therefore make it real), OR

2. Accept that you have had the thought and let it pass without attaching meaning to it

The thing is, it’s difficult to wrap our heads around the idea that our thoughts aren’t realIt’s much easier to just accept them as fact. I mean, if we think something, then it must be real – right?


Think about how you watch a movie. You know how it works – you watch scenes taking place on a TV screen in front of you. Simple. Now try this: think about your thoughts as a movie.

Think about just watching the thoughts go through your mind the same way you watch scenes take place on a TV screen.

The cool thing is, this is way more than just a fun exercise – this is actually a perfect metaphor for how your mind works.

Your thoughts are nothing more than “scenes” and “sentences” passing through your mind. You aren’t thinking them, you’re observing them. 

This can be a tricky idea to grasp, but once you truly understand it, trust me, it will change your life.

Emotional health

You can think of your emotional health as the sequel to your mental health – and this sequel can either be very good or very not-so-good!

Here’s how it works: when you have a negative thought, you can either accept it as true, or ignore it altogether (as we learned above).

If you ignore the thought, it will pass through your mind without creating an emotional reaction. This is very good! This is what we want!

On the other hand, if you accept the thought as true, you will then create an emotional reaction in response. And this is where it gets a little bit difficult. 

Why? Because emotions are difficult to stop after they take hold.

Take a moment to imagine feeling anger, grief, sadness, or jealousy. These are some pretty intense emotions, and I think we can all agree that when we feel them, it’s not easy to just flip a switch and “stop” feeling them.

That’s why it’s important to slowly teach yourself to lessen your emotion reactions around the thoughts that you have. 

Physical health

You already know that all three elements of your mental health play a critical role in keeping your overall wellness in check. But let me put it this way – you can’t even begin to have good mental and emotional health without first having a strong base. 

That strong base is your physical health.

If you don’t taker proper care of your body, your body won’t take proper care of you. In fact, it may actually alter your brain chemistry altogether. Yikes!

There is a bright side though, because if you do take proper care of your body, your mental health will improve considerably and you’ll see noticeable changes in countless areas of your life.

So what constitutes taking “proper” care of your body? It’s actually shockingly simple. It’s so simple that the majority of people don’t even think about doing it because they don’t understand how massive of an impact it has.

It really just comes down to three things:

1. Eat a healthy diet

2. Exercise regularly

3. Reduce stress

See? Simple! 

The only hard part is making the conscious choice to actually follow through with these things.

It can be tough to stick to a healthy routine, and that’s why I’ve created my Self-Care Guide in my free self-care resource library that you can check out at the bottom of this page! And if you haven’t already, getting some extra help with anything, talking to a professional is such a great way to go!