Welcome to Mindaya

Life clarity and design coaching

A life you love starts with your mindset!


Imagine if you had….

  • more clarity and motivation
  • a strengthened sense of self and purpose
  • more confidence to go after what you want
  • an exciting plan to go after your career and life goals
  • weekly accountability for your goals and habits
  • a community that helps support you in your goals

While also having..

  • less self-doubt
  • less frustration
  • less mental clutter
  • less overwhelm
  • less “hustle”
  • less stress
  • less attachment

A Holistic Approach To Coaching.

Life is messy. And complex.

There is no one way to live it, nor is there just one area of focus that will improve it. 

That’s why we focus on a variety of factors that come together to improve your mindset and outlook, which will then help you bring in major changes.


Who Is Mindaya Coaching For?

Mindaya coaching is for the busy, motivated person who knows that  life is meant to be truly incredible! Maybe you’re feeling stressed out, unsure of your next steps, or overwhelmed by work and you want to feel more clear, more inspired, more confident, and generally more excited for life!

I specialize in helping people to realize their full potential in this life by offering a new perspective through identity and value work, creative questioning processes, NLP,  visualization and journaling, mindfulness, and so much more!

I also help with the practical side of self-management, time-management, and organization (even if you find this stuff difficult and overwhelming)!

I want to offer you a high-support environment where you can figure out what you truly want and need in your life, develop the skills and tools that will help you get there, and assist you with the accountability to create lasting habits that will support your dream life!    


Here are just some of the tools/concepts that we incorporate into our materials, trainings, and coaching.

  • Mindset Work + Neuroscience
  • Self-Discovery + Identity Work
  • Journaling + Visualization
  • Self-Management
  • Law of Attraction (a realist’s approach)
  • Mindfulness
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • And so much more!

Coaching Programs

Life Clarity Process

This is an 8-week group coaching program, which helps you understand yourself in a new way, gain clarity on what you truly desire, and start forging a new path of fulfillment.


This process is an adaptation of the Life Purpose Process, which was created by Life Purpose Institute and has been used to help over 1 million people worldwide.

I incorporate the structure of this program with principles of manifestation (i.e. trusting yourself and the universe), understanding your unique self and needs, and other powerful visualization techniques. It’s truly a unique experience.

By the end of this program, you can expect to have a deepened sense of clarity and purpose in your life. 

If you find that you’re a bit lost in life, unsatisfied with your current day-to-day activities or where your life is headed, this process will be absolutely transformational.

This is also a great process for multi-passionate individuals that have a hard time deciding what they want to focus on and how they want to structure their life, given all of their multiple passions.

The next program launches September 1st, 2022. You can click below for more details and to sign up for the waiting list.

The Clarity Intensive

This is a short and sweet 2-session intensive that will help bring intense clarity and insight into your life!


This intensive is designed for maximum bang for you buck! Before this process begins, you will fill out a questionnaire that will help you to get the most out of this process. You will also have the chance to write out anything that I should know before we begin our sessions, so that I can feel super prepared before we start.

In our first session (90 mins), we will go through a series of questions to gain a deep clarity of yourself, your true nature, and your true desires.

After some reflection on your end, we will schedule our second session (90 mins), where we will narrow down what areas of focus will be the most beneficial for you. 

You will leave this process feeling lighter, clearer, more focused, and ready to take on the world!

The Mindset Membership

This is a monthly membership program where you get to join a weekly coaching/accountability group call to start being truly intentional about your life and your goals.


This is the most helpful program I could offer for anybody wanting to start implementing the mindset and habits that will skyrocket your personal and professional success.

In this weekly session, we’ll set your intention for the week, plan out your most important tasks, and pick a mindset habit you would like to implement.

Having a space and a community that is there for you every week as you set your intentions, plan out your week, and work towards your dreams is completely priceless!

In no time, you’ll realize that you are living more in line with your values and you’ll find that you are doing more of what matters!

Say goodbye to wasted time and energy, and hello to fulfillment, motivation, and fun!


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