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Mindset + Manifestation

Relationships (with others and self)

What if you radically understood and accepted yourself?

And what if you could use this knowledge and power to create a life that fulfilled you on a soul level?

Manifestation + Human Design

The principles of manifestation  and the law of attraction can be invaluable when creating the life you truly deserve. By understanding your core values, desires, and your true essence, you can become a magnet for the life you want: the career path, the feelings, the people, the freedom, and anything else you want! Let it flow in.


A Holistic Approach To Coaching.

Life is messy. And complex.

There is no one way to live it, nor is there just one area of focus that will improve it. 

That’s why we focus on a variety of factors that come together to improve your mindset and outlook, which will then help you bring in major changes.


Who Is Mindaya Coaching For?

Mindaya coaching is for the busy, motivated person who knows that  life is meant to be truly incredible! Maybe you’re feeling stressed out, unsure of your next steps, or overwhelmed by work and you want to feel more clear, more inspired, more confident, and generally more excited for life!

I specialize in helping people to realize their full potential in this life by offering new a perspective through identity and value work, creative questioning processes, NLP,  visualization and journaling, mindfulness, and so much more!

I also help with the practical side of self-management, time-management, and organization (even if you feel this stuff difficult and overwhelming)!

The life of your dreams is already here, it’s just waiting for you to discover it!


Here are just some of the tools that we incorporate into our materials, trainings, and coaching.


Mindset Work + Neuroscience


Self-Discovery + Identity Work


Journaling + Visualization




Law of Attraction (a realist's approach)




NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

About Me

Hey there! I’m Sagesse, a certified life coach and the founder of Mindaya Inc!

When I found out that the life I had always been longing for was on the other side of my limiting beliefs about success, my worth, and the world – my life changed.

I knew there was something more than the stressful and dulled down version of life that I was living. The only issue? I did not know how to get there.

It wasn’t until I learned more about the mind and its ability to physically change through small actions and thought-shifts that I was able to fully bring my dreams into reality!

My life is still a work in progress, but through my mindset work and coaching, I was able to start living a life that was more authentic and free than ever before! Now my mission is to help others overcome their own blocks so that they can start living their most freeing, empowering, amazing lives!

And it all starts with your mindset and (mind)ful (da)il(y) (a)ctions.

That’s why I’m so proud to offer a mix of free and paid resources such as journals, workbooks, courses, and coaching to help guide those inclined to start making the small and big changes in their lives!

Coaching Programs (Our Specialties)

The Empowerment Sessions

Self-belief and mindset work are the cornerstones of finding the confidence to create the life that you absolutely love!

More Details

In these 4 weeks, we will work together on reducing your doubt and limiting beliefs, so that you can start creating the life that you know you deserve!

Using a combination of identity work, mindset retraining, NLP techniques, and more – we will have you living a more authentic, meaningful, confident life in no time!

The program runs on Tuesday nights 6pm EST for 90 mins. Each round starts the 1st Tuesday of the month.


Life Purpose Process

This is a 6-week group coaching program, which helps you understand yourself in a new way, gain clarity on what you truly desire, and start forging a new path of fulfillment.

More Details

This process was created by Life Purpose Institute and has been used to help over 1 million people worldwide. I incorporate the structure of this program with principles of manifestation (i.e. trusting yourself and the universe), understanding your unique self and needs, and other powerful visualization techniques. It’s truly a unique experience.

The next program launches June 15th. You can click below for more details.


People Magnet Program

8 weeks of group coaching, Q&As, and lessons to learn how to attract the right relationships, friendships, and clients into your life. Discover your power and your pull.

More Details

This is the most comprehensive coaching program for improving your people skills, getting over any shyness barriers or self-esteem hold-backs, and learning how to step into your authentic power in a way that attracts people like a magnet!

Roughly half of this course focuses on your relationship with yourself, your boundaries, and leaning into your strengths – and the other half focuses on how to understand, attract, and nurture your relationships with others.

The launch date is pending, but please sign up to be on the waitlist if you are interested!


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